Tremella sp.

Tremella is a genus of jelly fungi which commonly occurs in South Australia. Here are 2 species which are easy to identify & hard to confuse with anything else. Taxonomic name: Tremella mesenterica Tremella comes from the Latin tremo meaning ‘tremble’ and ella meaning ‘small.’ mesenterica  comes from the Greek mesos meaning ‘middle’ and enteron meaning ‘intestine.’ Common name(s): Witche’s butter, … More Tremella sp.

Schizophyllum commune AKA split gill

Schizophyllum commune is one of the most wide-spread species of fungi in the world and has somewhere between 20,000-30,000 different mating types! Taxonomic name: Schizophyllum commune Schizo means ‘Split or I split.’ phyllum means ‘leaf’ or in this case ‘gill.’ commune comes from ‘communis’ meaning ‘common.’ Common name(s): Split gill Habitat/ecology: Saprophytic (decomposer) growing on dead wood of both native & exotic … More Schizophyllum commune AKA split gill

Gymnopilus junonius AKA laughing Gym

Taxonomic name: Gymnopilus junonius Common name(s): Laughing Gym, spectacular rustgill. Habitat/ecology: Saprophytic (decomposer) on dead wood of a variety of hardwood trees and conifers. Grows in dense clusters. Gymnopilus junonius is a member of the Cortinariaceae family. It is inedible and has a stong bitter taste. Very common in South Australia. Description: Cap: Golden brown … More Gymnopilus junonius AKA laughing Gym

Lactarius deliciosus AKA saffron milkcap

Taxanomic name: Lactarius deliciosus The genus name ‘Lactarius’ is named for the milky orange sap that they bleed or ‘lactate’ when cut. The species name ‘deliciosus’ very simply describes the taste – delicious! Common name(s): Saffron milkcap or pine mushroom Habitat/ecology: Mycorrhizal relationship with pine trees including Pinus radiata (radiata pine.) Description Cap: Carrot-apricot orange … More Lactarius deliciosus AKA saffron milkcap

Mid summer

  It’s been a while since I shared what’s happening in the garden, so here’s a little update of what’s growing in mid summer… Chillies & capsicums are going absolutely nuts! We have about 50 plants of mixed varieties growing in the ground, raised beds, pots & foam boxes all over the garden. Looking forward … More Mid summer

July mushroom grow: A quick guide to growing oyster mushrooms

It’s been a few months since my last mushroom grow, so I figured it was time to reunite with some old friends. In June, I purchased some elm oyster & blue oyster spawn and tried a cold pasteurisation (with hydrated lime) & inoculation of pea straw out in my garden. This is my first time … More July mushroom grow: A quick guide to growing oyster mushrooms

Fungus among us.

This autumn, I have been fortunate enough to spend quite a lot of time amongst my friends of the forest floor. As winter comes and the weather cools down, we are approaching the end of our time with these marvels of nature, so I figured now is a good time to make a post on … More Fungus among us.

Spaghetti squash

Spaghetti squash (Cucurbita pepo) pictured on the trellis to the left, having its space invaded by a bottle gourd. On the right is butternut squash, black futsu pumpkin, rockmelon & glass gem corn. Hands down, spaghetti squash is the plant we receive the most inquiries about & the most praise for. We are constantly being … More Spaghetti squash