Schizophyllum commune AKA split gill

Schizophyllum commune is one of the most wide-spread species of fungi in the world and has somewhere between 20,000-30,000 different mating types!


Taxonomic name: Schizophyllum commune
Schizo means ‘Split or I split.’ phyllum means ‘leaf’ or in this case ‘gill.’ commune comes from ‘communis’ meaning ‘common.’
Common name(s): Split gill
Habitat/ecology: Saprophytic (decomposer) growing on dead wood of both native & exotic trees & shrubs.

Cap: White-grey, fan shaped cap with a dense covering of small white hairs.
Tough texture. Margins sometimes a bit shaggy & inrolled or indented.
Stem: Insignificant, sometimes not visible.
Gills: Widely spaced & split lengthways. Radiate outwards from point of attachment.
Spore print: White.

Similar species: Crepidotus variabilis is similar in appearance and grows on dead wood but had a softer texture, does not have splitting gills & has a brown spore print.




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