Gymnopilus junonius AKA laughing Gym


Taxonomic name: Gymnopilus junonius
Common name(s): Laughing Gym, spectacular rustgill.
Habitat/ecology: Saprophytic (decomposer) on dead wood of a variety of hardwood trees and conifers. Grows in dense clusters.
Gymnopilus junonius is a member of the Cortinariaceae family. It is inedible and has a stong bitter taste. Very common in South Australia.
Cap: Golden brown – rusty golden brown in colour. Convex shape but flattens out as it matures. Dry & usually covered in fine scales.
Stem: As the partial veil tears, it folds outwards forming a dull orange-yellow ring which eventually disappears as the mushroom ages.
Gills: Gills are a pale, creamy yellow colour when young and turn rusty brown as the mushroom ages.
Spore print: Rusty brown.




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